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About us

Our approach

We leave no stone unturned when we take you on as a client. Depending on your needs, we'll perform any or all of the following:

  • Thorough analysis of your business' goals
  • Preparation and review of loan origination documents
  • Negotiation of debt/equity opportunities
  • Private placement document origination

This work culminates in our major deliverable: a detailed company action plan that puts you on the road to achieving both your long and short-term business goals.

Get to know the team that's committed to your company's success.

Over 100 Years of Collective Professional
Business Experience

The team at iST Gateway, LLC. is comprised of business professionals exceeding 100 years of combined experience. A solid history and track record of proven performance offering the highest level of customer experience. The Professional Service Group of iST consists of Attorneys, CPA's, CFPs, Registered Brokers and a support team of seasoned business and financial experts.

Domestic and International Representation and Experience

While much of our success has been working with North American companies, our network reaches out to more than 35 countries and every major continent. In today's economic climate, investments and investors are global in nature. At iST Gateway, LLC., our focus has always been on maximizing our products and services for international investment and financing opportunities.

Customer Focused Towards Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on the superior service and quality offered to every customer and client. The programs and products we provide as an originator or through our partner affiliates undergo the highest level of scrutiny and due diligence. We only have one mission:

"Provide the highest level of Innovative Commercial Funding
 Solutions and Technologies for our customers and clients"

​This is done by continued review, analysis and improvement of the products and services we offer.  Continuous Quality Improvement and Customer Satisfaction remain the driving focus of iST Gateway, LLC.

This is achieved through ongoing customer feedback and input on every step of our product offerings.​ iST Gateway, LLC. is an industry leader and provider of exceptional products and services. ​This results in maintaining the highest level of performance that other companies aspire to attain.  

Professional Affiliations
- Private Equity and Venture Capital Group
- Consultants Network
- Medical Devices Group
- Business Development Network
- Energy Capital Entrepreneurs

Call 636-299-0201
                                  Office Hours are 9-5 CDT
                                         Mon thru Friday



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